Ride Mix


Silver Clio Awards 2021
Merit Award One Show Young Ones 2020


Most people don't think about using Spotify in the car because they're stuck in the habit of listening to the radio. How to get the people in the US to think about listening to Spotify in the car?


You and your passengers don’t have the same taste for music and it’s tiring to listen to one person’s playlist for the whole ride.


Everyone’s Spotify accounts sync up, and Spotify creates a custom playlist that combines everyone’s favorite songs. ALSO, Spotify lets one person choose/play a song at a time, so the tunes are democratic and there are no more fights. Only the person in charge has the ability to skip songs.

Creative team: ​Vy Phan, Duong Le,  Alberto Cuadra, Cooper Bowman, Jillian Apatow, Madison Duncan